Hi, I'm Rebecca Lucero and welcome to my website. My purpose in creating this website is to bridge the gap between what I know as a professional about relationships and what you know as someone in a relationship. Most people consider their relationships to be the most important part of their lives, yet we do not go to school or receive training to optimize our relationships. I hope to share my knowledge and experience as a marriage and family therapist in effort to help you navigate your relationship challenges. I hope that you be uplifted and enlightened by the thoughts and information that I share. 

The "My Journey" section of my website contains my personal writings on my experience with the grief of my deceased husband. The blog section of this website contains writings on different subjects pertaining to therapy and relationship problems. If there is a subject that you would like me to address, please contact me. I will be happy to share my knowledge or opinion on any subject that I feel qualified to speak on.



Disclaimer: All advice or information shared on this website is for entertainment purposes only.  Although I am a professionally licensed therapist, any communication or information from my website does not qualify me to personally assist you . If you are in need of a therapist, I encourage you to search for a therapist in your area who can become familiar with the specifics of your situation and advise you accordingly.